Maria’s chances for continuing her education have improved!

We hope the story of what a few people are doing in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, to help children like Maria in their area will inspire you to do something in your part of the world. If you live in La Paz we would welcome your participation and if you live outside of La Paz, you can help with a tax deductible donation.

Maria is a bright girl.  She is the middle child of five, the oldest girl. Her mother leaves home early in the morning to work as a domestic across town. Her father left home a few years ago “to find work in Cabo San Lucas”, but doesn’t send any money home. Maria likes and does very well in school, makes sure her younger brother and sister get up, go to the community center for breakfast with her, and walks with them the five blocks to school. This year she is in the 6th grade… and up to a few years ago, this would have meant the end of her education. Now, it’s only the beginning.

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