Cómo Vamos La Paz delivers the new amphitheatre to FANLAP during a celebration

English translation of the words of Sra. Gaby de Mendoza, wife of Governor of Baja California Sur:

I am grateful for the invitation of Lucía Frausto, director of the Citizen Observatory “Cómo Vamos La Paz”, to celebrate their fifth anniversary and to complete the delivery to FANLAP (Fundación Ayuda Niños La Paz), an open-air theater and a space for cultural and recreational activities of the children of Colonia Laguna Azul (and the communities of Marquez de Leon, Villas de Guadalupe, Vista Hermosa and other neighboring Colonias.) I am convinced that with these actions the objective will be fulfilled to build an ideal environment to form great citizens

(Words in parentheses added by the translator).

We want to thank everyone who attended our inauguration. We are very happy you could join us. We’ve posted more photos by Francisco González below.

Author: lapaznin