From 2008 until 2018, funds were provided by the Program for Social Coinvestment of SEDESOL (Secretary of Social Development) and INDESOL (Institute for Social Development) to purchase weekly fruit, meat, eggs, beans, rice and other foods needed to prepare meals from June to December. Each year a proposal was submitted and once funds were delivered a partial and final report were submitted. Even though this program has ended, we are grateful for the support and trust we received, along with continued help and mentorship.

LA RED NACIONAL DE BIBLIOTECAS PÚBLICAS: The National Network of Public Libraries is coordinated by the General Directorate of Libraries of the National Council for Culture and the Arts, and is made up of 31 state networks and 16 delegation networks, each one of them integrated in turn by all the established public libraries in the respective entity or delegation -in accordance with the cooperation agreements entered into between the federal government and local governments-. we are the only civil association in Mexico to have a public library of the national network.

The “Red Nacional” has supplied necessary furniture, a more extensive selection of books, computers and a wireless connection to the Internet. With help from other organizations we offer workshops throughout the year for children of all ages to make available the vast world of books and the Internet.


The Family Development Institute (DIF) of Baja California Sur as well as the Municipality of La Paz, have supported us in various ways at times throughout the years, providing some non-perishable food for meals and gift basket deliveries.


International Community Foundation

     International Community Foundation, located in San Diego, was established in 1990. ICF assists U.S. donors in making tax deductible gifts to qualified nonprofit organizations throughout the Americas and Asia, with an emphasis in Mexico. They undertake required due diligence and make follow-up site visits to ensure that those wishing to make charitable gifts internationally can do so legally and get the highest return on their social investment.
     FANLAP has been affiliated with ICF since June of 2001. Since then, contributors have made their donations to our “friends of” fund and/or our endowment fund with ICF and have received tax deductible receipts. 
      Donations through ICF built our dining room/library building, as well as the fence around the building. We have received funds from the “Candeo Fund” to help with various expenses, primarily for our educational programs in our library/learning center.
        ICF also organizes educational forums for non-governmental organizations to discuss problems and possible solutions with reference to education in Mexico.  

M & C International Children’s Foundation:  We are grateful for M & C International Children’s Foundation and their donors for making it possible for these students who live in impoverished communities to continue their education. We couldn’t do this without your generosity.  Mike and Cathy McLeod, who came to La Paz on catamaran Orion, has supported our educational programs for the last ten years, more or less.  They also campaigned with the boating community in La Paz for RBO (Rice, Beans and Oil) and other non-perishables for our dining room.  Orion has been sold, so the RBO campaign will no longer happen, but hopefully we will still have their support for the educational programs.

EPI, Ecology Project International – – EPI is a non-profit civil association that frequently collaborates with us for the benefit of our educational program, with workshops, talks , and field visits focused on caring for the environment and environmental education.

NEW FORTRESS ENERGY:  Fundación Ayuda Niños La Paz, A.C. (FANLAP) received an in-kind donation from New Fortress Energy (NFE) to support the work carried out by the institution to benefit of boys and girls in the municipality, to whom they offer the daily service of alimentation and library/learning center where they can do their homework and receive computer classes. This donation, which includes economic resources throughout 2022, is part of the Social Responsibility program of the liquefied natural gas company, whose main pillars are education and support for children. For this reason, NFE supports various educational projects in the communities where it operates, such as La Paz, Baja California Sur. New Fortress Energy has been known for bringing clean and reliable energy to various parts of the world, including, of course, La Paz and Los Cabos, while positively influencing the community.

Earth Ocean Farms are pioneers in sustainable high seas aquaculture. It is a company established in La Paz, Baja California Sur that specializes in raising healthy fish in a responsible and sustainable manner. Breeders of one of the fish with the highest quality and nutritional level is totoaba. The totoaba is a fish in danger of extinction and at Earth Ocean Farms they found the most responsible and sustainable way to offer a nutritious, healthy product that is totally within the reach of people and the community.

One of the components to achieve food security is the correct use of food. In other words, it’s very important to know the correct way to prepare food, to have an adequate diversity in the diet and to eat the foods that will provide enough energy and nutrients to the body, according to individual age and health. This knowledge and tools allow GCAs to achieve higher nutritional quality in their menus and better health in the public they serve. This topic is taught by the Astra Foundation, which is a non-profit humanitarian organization focused on offering sustainable and comprehensive health services for marginalized populations in the state of Baja California Sur.


ALIANZA PARA LA SEGURIDAD ALIMENTARIA DE BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR (ASA)  Since our foundation in October 2013, the Baja California Sur Food Security Alliance (ASA) has operated as a non-profit institution that strengthens regional food and agricultural systems to achieve food security for people in the state. We function as a collaborative network, where each ally contributes its capacities to activate food safety. We were constituted as a Civil Association at the end of 2019. Since then we founded, together with 7 organizations, the Baja California Sur Community Alliance (ACBCS), a citizen movement that achieved a mobilization of the public and government sectors to attend to the food emergency generated by COVID-19. At the end of 2020, we started a food distribution program, a Mobile Food Bank. We deliver food of high nutritional value to 72 Food Collaboration Groups (GCA), who in turn prepare weekly dishes for the most vulnerable people in the Municipalities of La Paz and Los Cabos.

CEMEFI (Centro Mexicano para la Filantropia) – Since we joined CEMEFI 2007 we have learned how much we didn’t know about running a non-profit in Mexico. Dulce, Veronica, Andrea and Judy took courses on fundraising, administration, filing tax returns and importation of donated items, among other things. Also, thanks to their platform, we have been able to stay up-to-date through their Member Forums, which permit us to attend from afar. Dulce also completed a course on running a civil association for which she received a diploma from Technologia de Monterrey in 2009.
    We received certification in 2009 from CEMEFI of our “Institucionalidad y Transparencia,” (professionalism and transparency) which gives us the right to use the logo you see to the right on our home page and letterhead. FANLAP is one of the few organizations in Baja California Sur to have this honor.

Club Cruceros de La Paz – – a Mexican non-profit civil association, often contributes to help our educational program, normally $5,000 pesos annually.

Rotary Clubs – Two of the La Paz Rotary Clubs, Club Rotario Bahía de La Paz and Club Rotario La Paz Balandra, have collaborated with us through the years. Among their activities, we can include dental health visits and clinics, support for our Scholarship Program, visiting eye consultations and delivery of contact lenses, as well as weight/height measurements for recipients of our dining room services.

In June of 2005, Club Rotario Balandra walled off a room in the dining room where a small library was installed by the Red Nacional de Bibliotecas (National Library System). Not only did they supply books, furniture and index cards but they also trained a librarian who is paid by FANLAP.

Universidad Mundial – This educational institution has supported us throughout the years in many ways, from the donation of community food baskets to that of school supplies for our Scholarship Program, as well as designing and carrying out programs where students can complete their social service requirements with us. These include their presence in the dining room, where students of nutrition from this university have delivered talks about nutrition and also performed basic nutritional evaluations such as weight and size assessments. Another means of support included attendance of psychology students who have presented talks and workshops to our members and their families.

Tenaja Holdings – a member of the Innovaciones Alumbra family of organizations

Candeo Fund provides charitable support through ICF to nonprofit organizations and charitable causes along the Baja California peninsula, Sea of Cortez and Central America.

Sociedad Cultura y Medio Ambiente (SOCUMA) – SOCUMA is a civil organization that supports other organizations and social groups. FANLAP has benefitted by attending diverse shops and classes throughout the years, such as Fundraising, Strategic Planning, Legal and Fiscal planning for Social Organizations, Institutional Development, Network Formation, Human Impact and Social Projects, Incidence in Public Politics, among others. We have also attended their annual event “Encounter for Organizations of Civil Society in B.C.S.”, which has served for the exchange of experiences and communication between distinct organizations of our local community.

Biblioteca Infantil Abrapalabra – When Biblioteca Infantil Abrapalabra, A.C., opened its doors on Calle Guillermo Prieto, their board had a dream of opening branches in low-income neighborhoods in an effort to instill the joy of reading and learning in small children in those “colonias.” To that end, we of FANLAP signed an agreement with them to open their first such branch in our dining room/library/learning center building. We had a room which they had remodeled with an entryway exclusive to Abrapalabra, and they also hired a teacher for the children. At this time children from ages 3 to 12 attend classes from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. 5 days a week. We are grateful to Abrapalabra for helping in our efforts to offer children of impoverished neighborhoods the opportunity to learn.

Raíz de Fondo (Program for the Rescue de Foods) – Raíz de Fondo is a non-profit organization that holds among its objectives, the safe preparation of food and good quality of living through community gardens, courses and shops. FANLAP has participated with its own community garden in central La Paz and another in Colonia Laguna Azul on the dining room property. Raíz de Fondo has supported talks and shops about safe eating, compost elaboration, among other things. For several years Fanlap has been a beneficiary of its Food Rescue program, in which we receive weekly donations of fruits and vegetables to be used in our community dining room and distributed among local families which we support. Raíz de Fondo is part of the ASA alliance.

Cómo Vamos La Paz (CVLP) is a citizen observatory with the main goal to evaluate, inform, propose and influence the fair, democratic and sustainable development of the cities in the State of Baja California Sur. We operate under the principles of transparency and accountability. In 2019, CVLP had an amphitheater and palapa built where children, adolescents and the community in general of the 5 highly marginalized neighborhoods surrounding the FANLAP dining room and learning center are able to carry out recreational and cultural activities.