From 2008 until the present time (except for the year 2012), funds were provided by SEDESOL (Secretary of Social Development) to purchase weekly fruit, meat, eggs, beans, rice and other foods needed to prepare meals.

DIF Estatal and DIF Municipal

The Family Development Institute (DIF) of Baja California Sur at times provides some non-perishable food for meals.


International Community Foundation

     International Community Foundation, located in San Diego, was established in 1990. ICF assists U.S. donors in making tax deductible gifts to qualified nonprofit organizations throughout the Americas and Asia, with an emphasis in Mexico. They undertake required due diligence and make follow-up site visits to ensure that those wishing to make charitable gifts internationally can do so legally and get the highest return on their social investment.
     FANLAP has been affiliated with ICF since June of 2001. Since then, contributors have made their donations to our “friends of” fund and/or our endowment fund with ICF and have received tax deductible receipts. 
      Donations through ICF built our dining room/library building, as well as the fence around the building. We have received funds from the “Candeo Fund” to help with various expenses, primarily for our educational programs in our library/learning center.
        ICF also organizes educational forums for non-governmental organizations to discuss problems and possible solutions with reference to education in Mexico.  

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