Child Psychology Program

Each year at least fifty children are seen and given help with problems of aggressiveness, timidity, and other social problems which interfere with learning and functioning in a school environment.

Dulce Anyra Salazar Cota, one of the founders of FANLAP, who has a master’s degree in Ericksonian psychotherapy and has a doctorate in resilience, is devoted to helping the children of the colonias in which we work. We have an agreement with “Univerisdad Mundial” and with “Centro Eriksoniano de Mexico” for their students to provide community service through FANLAP. Dulce oversees various programs offered by these University students.
     Some of these programs are held in the grade school located in Colonia Marquez de Leon; workshops are also given in other local grade schools throughout the City of La Paz.
     Dulce is also in charge of the library and educational programs.

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