How the Scholarship Program began

Students must maintain a high scholastic average established by the scholarship committee and approved by the FANLAP board of directors.

Our scholarship program started in 2000, when we provided a backpack, school supplies, uniforms, gym clothes, school shoes and tennis shoes to five students to 7th grade. Since then our program has expanded and presently the number of students helped is determined by donations received. We also pay public transportation costs to and from the school, and in the case of senior high students also pay tuition.
     FANLAP offers help with homework through our Library/Learning Center. All students are given the opportunity to use the computers and reference books available.
     One of the requirements of scholarship students is that they take a class offered in our learning center. Those who need help in math or physics are able to take a course on Saturday mornings. One of our librarians teaches a course in vocational orientation.
     In return for what they receive, students perform community service such as cleaning/painting in our building, picking up garbage in the neighborhood, painting over graffiti, tutoring other students who need help, and other work approved by the scholarship committee.

GALLERY: Study and community service

With help from our donors