It takes the collaboration of many individuals and organizations

to help an economically disadvantaged child achieve his/her goals.

Local Businesses

el Uniforme – Since the beginning of our scholarship program, we have purchased uniforms from el Uniforme.  The owners have always been supportive of our programs and have given discounts for the purchases and donations of articles. We are very thankful for the support they have provided during more than 15 years.

Leche Caracol has donated more than 20 gallons of milk weekly during the school year for our lunch and/or breakfast program and supported us in various forms since 2009.  They have also provided yogurts and flavored milks for our summer programs and sponsored events. We can always count on them for support of our fundraising drives and activities. Thank you very much for your continued support throughout all these years.

Zapateria Yoli – We have purchased shoes and tennis shoes for the scholarship students from Zapateria Yoli since 2008.  They have always offered the best shoes possible for a discounted price.  This was important since durability is so important to us. Thank you for both your support and for offering the best service to our scholarship recipients and their families.

Tailhunter International – Jill and Jonathan Roldan, owners of Tailhunter Sportfishing and Tailhunter Restaurant, asked us in the summer of 2013 about the needs of our students regarding donations of school supplies, clothes etc., and the possibility of sponsoring students in our scholarship program. Over the last several years, the Roldans and their “Tailhunter Tribe” have donated literally tons of needed items to some of La Paz’s neediest areas and granted several scholarships so “our kids” can pursue their educational dreams and complete junior and senior high school.


redondeos – when stores ask patrons if they wish to donate the small change coming back from a purchase.

Tiendas Oxxo (stores much like the 7-11s we know in the U.S.) held a redondeo from January through March of 2011, to benefit FANLAP. We are delighted to say that in July of 2011 we were presented a check in pesos for $326,711.06, which shows how those pesky little centavos can mount up. These funds were used in our scholarship and lunch programs, as well as for library equipment for our public library. We continue to receive OXXO support. On March 26, 2015 OXXO’s redondeo check totaled more than $475,000 pesos! Besides scholarships and food, these funds helped to remodel our community bathrooms.

We are grateful for the support we receive from our local and international partners. Together we are making a difference.

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