Thank you!

In 2018 we sold 158 tickets, for which FANLAP will receive a total of 63,200 pesos.

FANLAP would like to thank the Restaurant Association of Baja California Sur (CANIRAC) and its distinguished president, Sra. Lorena Hinojosa, for again having the confidence in us to sell tickets to the Eightieth Gastronomic Festival “La Pazión of Flavor.” Half of the income from the sale by FANLAP will benefit our organization, and all of that will be used in our programs.

Thanks again to CANIRAC, and thank you to all of the friends of FANLAP who helped sell tickets, and those who purchased tickets to this event from us. Everyone was very happy with everything: the location, the wonderful food served by all the participating restaurants, the refreshments. I heard no complaints from anyone.

Next year we’ll sell even more.

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Author: lapaznin