Our Volunteers

FANLAP has room for volunteers with experience in grant writing and any type of fundraising.
Want to help? Join our team!

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Other than four employees, our administrative director, her assistant, and two librarians, everyone who works with Fundación Ayuda Niños La Paz A.C. is a volunteer. Some of these people drive over 300 miles a month on Foundation-related business without receiving reimbursement for gasoline.

Subasta and other events
Our biggest event had always been our annual Subasta. People worked year-round to prepare for this event, collecting used items in good quality which could be sold. Unfortunately, our last Subasta was held in December, 2015.  We no longer have a venue to support such a large undertaking. But we have many other events and ways in which you may volunteer your help and expertise.

If you´d like to help in one of our programs, the cooks can always use help in the kitchen, preparing the meals, serving or cleanup. The cooks are volunteers from the community. You’ll enjoy knowing them.

If you enjoy reading to the children, or if you’re bilingual and would like to volunteer by teaching English,  assisting in the library or helping the scholarship students with math or any other subject, please let us know by clicking Contact Us above.

We could also use help from someone who has experience with grant writing or any type of fundraising.